The biometric solutions we offer for authenticating people's identities aim to create safe work environments, operational efficiency and increased productivity.
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Biometric Identification

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Capture different types of biometric patterns of a person to compare against millions of records stored in a database, ensuring their uniqueness and increasing the level of accuracy in identity validation as a result of the combination of different patterns.

  • Validation of identity and prevention of fraud in procedures and applications.
  • Fingerprint validation with live finger technology and thermal reader.
  • Fingerprint validation against the image of the identity document
  • Validation of biographical data of the identity document (code PDF417).
  • Fingerprint validation stored in database and/or key cards (match on card).
  • Fingerprint, palm, facial, iris, and signature validation.

AutenticaciónSingle Sign-on.

id biometrica

Allows access to applications and workstations using biometrics by replacing conventional methods such as username and password.

  • Double factor of authentication by physical key (smart card) and fingerprint recognition.
  • No need to exchange credentials of access between use
  • Ensures uniqueness of the access credentials.
  • The possibility of hacking access credentials is substantially reduced

Access and Assistance Control

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This solution allows managing, monitoring and controlling the access of people and employees to business premises.

  • Enrollment, administration and search of users by groups.
  • Management of readers and doors by zones.
  • Real-time door and zone monitoring, alarm management, event notification by mail and event log checking.
  • Automation of attendance control of employees, daily and weekly itinerary, festive configuration and attendance reports.
  • Generation of reports.
  • Automatic generation of alarms based on defined rules.
  • Stand alone and/or online architecture.

Facial Recognition

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It performs the identification of people through facial recognition, using live video sources from high resolution digital surveillance cameras.

  • Identification of people in blacklists
  • The subjects can be incorporated into the system through photographs and/or recorded video and/or in real time.
  • The system works in movement and distance, without requiring collaboration on part of the person to recognize

Mobile Biometrics

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The mobile biometric terminal allows the biometric identification through the fingerprint, facial recognition and reading of mifare cards, using biometrics algorithms certified by the NIST-MINEX and fingerprint reader certified by the FBI PIV / FIPS.

Success stories

id biometrica

We have specialized in the implementation of biometric solutions that support large numbers of users for example the entire population of a university (60,000 students) and that require integration with various information systems (payroll, active directory, among others).

Biometric Identification
AutenticationSingle Sign-on
Access and Assistance Control
Facial Recognition

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